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Ken Shin Kai teaches the art of Japanese swordsmanship through the combined disciplines of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

The meaning of Ken Shin is to manifest a true mind and it is with this attitude that training in the sword is conducted.

Kendo and its related discipline Iaido, are the modern equivalent of ancient Samurai training techniques. Through practice with the Japanese sword, it is possible to develop harmony with ones environment and spontaneity of action.

Kendo Concepts  

This section will present selected quotes from "Japanese-English Dictionary of Kendo", All Japan Kendo Federation 2000. Many terms and concepts in kendo are somewhat obscure so, a new word or phrase will be posted here regularly extracted from this excellent book. Use the forum to discuss any of the concepts presented in this section.

ri-ho (n.)

The principle, logic or reason of something; a law. Kenjutsu (fencing) originated as a fight for one's life, and it developed as a skill to defeat an opponent. Depending on the way one uses one's heart and mind, however, it can also become the skill to enhance one's own life and that of the opponent (katsunin-ken). A swing of the sword gives the chance to become aware of the life and death, both of one's own and others'. This is a central tenet of modern kendo. One lives one's life only once so that life depends on each swing of the sword (shinai) against the opponent. Therefore, one should put all of one's self, body and soul, into every swing. Consequently, in order to perfect such a no-going back swing, ken-no-ri-ho ( the principles of the katana) provides the way to strive to perform the proper mental attitude, the proper posture, and full spirit. Applying these principles disciplines the human character.


This term explains the ideal way of using the mind and body when facing an opponent in keiko or a match. The state where the mind is calmly watching the opponent even though the body is moving rapidly. The contrasting term sei-chu-do refers to the state where even though the body outwardly appears to be still, inwardly the mind is fully ready to respond at any time. The term combining these two states is do-sei-ichinyo.

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